TS_Slider_Songs1TRUMPETER SWAN reemerges with new album THE MAGNITUDE OF NOW, a greater sense of purpose and an expanded lineup. Based in New York – and made up of a core group of musicians with Austin, TX roots – Trumpeter Swan has evolved from a “new musical skin” into a full-fledged project.

Founded by Drew Patrizi, who gained recognition as a founding member of the critically acclaimed Austin, Texas-based, indie rock band What Made Milwaukee Famous (Barsuk Records), Trumpeter Swan self-released debut Listen for the Clues in 2010 shortly after relocating to New York. Garnering attention from the likes of Pitchfork and Alternative Press, Trumpeter Swan was recognized early as an ambitious project with an impressive sonic foundation to build on.

At the onset, Austin’s music community embraced the debut: Austin Town Hall observed that, “Patrizi has created his own new voice in the genre and created a beautiful album,” while the Austin-American Statesmen noted LFTC’s “impressive energy and variety” and Austinist applauded the “precious and melodic indie tunes.” Austin Sound offered another perspective, recognizing the weight behind the feel-good melodies: “Trumpeter Swan sings about heavy things.”

TrumpeterSwan_Band_Photo_smEnter sophomore release The Magnitude of Now, an album that continues to explore and expand on “heavy things” disguised as mellifluous pop songs. The songwriting tests the point at which exuberance and uncertainty intersect — adding weight and levity in unexpected places. Triumphant choruses wrangle melancholy verses. Mood-swings bubble up…then evaporate. Concessions are made. Questions and pleas go unanswered. Not to worry though, each bitter pill is submerged in a spoonful of honey — these melody-infused pop nuggets are deliciously easy to swallow. The “rich addictive jingles and hidden hooks” (DOA) that characterized Listen for the Clues again emerge, this time through a darker, more focused prism.

Since the debut release, the band has added new members — Clay Fain (Guitar), Dave Packles (Drums) and Pete Voakes (Keys), and Quinn McCarthy (Bass) who also served as co-producer and engineer on the new album.

Online tastemakers RcrdLbl.com note that Trumpeter Swan has created “genre-bending, finger-snapping alt-pop…and by the end, we’re grinning like fools…and we need some more of that.”

Order Up. The Magnitude of Now has arrived. Here’s to hand-clapping, hand-wringing and a continuation of genre-bending indie rock that embraces both.

Thank you for listening.